Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chapter 43

Jon walked into his dressing room and locked the door. What he saw almost made him cum into the towel around his waist. His wife was on a pillow on the floor kneeling. She had changed clothes purposely he thought. Her tan suede skirt didn’t reach her mid thigh and the black satin loose fitting tank revealed her lack of a bra.
“Fuck Del.”

“Come here Jon I want you down my throat.” She purred to him and quickly she had her way. The towel dropped and his quickly hardening member slid into her throat with ease. Jon enjoyed the sensation more than he has in years. The buildup, the tease and then her waiting like this. It was too much, instead of him denying his orgasm so it could last he let it come early and within 4 minutes she had his release all to herself. Standing she took him to the couch; she sat him down and straddled his legs. “I love you, thank you for letting us go today.”

“Oh baby if this is what I get when I give up control I’m all about it.” Jon smiled and moved his hands up to her waist running his finger inside the waist band. He quickly realized she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Is my wife being naughty?” Jon smiled.

“No Jon, you told me I deserved a spanking so I knew to be a good wife and remove my panties for you."

“And the reason for your complete change of clothes?” He asked raising his eyebrow as well as her skirt.

“I had to match.” She smiled.

“Of course.” Jon fought with himself about what he wanted more, to be buried inside what he knew would be a very wet and willing pussy or to spank that sexy ass and then take her. As he moved her an inch closer to him he made the only decision his body would let him, he slid inside his woman.

“OH GOD JON” She moaned.

“OH damn baby. Take me.” Jon moaned as Danielle started rocking back and forth with him inside her. Jon quickly pulled her top over her head and devoured her breasts, he fed on them like a man who hasn’t quenched his hunger in days. Before long Jon has her standing up so he can take her skirt off. When she’s as naked as he is he tells her. “Grab the back of the couch.”

Danielle listens thinking it's for a new sex position, instead Jon spanks her, about 10 slaps later she’s moaning. “Bring your knees up onto the couch and keep holding on.”

This time when she assumed the position he demands his cock finds its way home. His body thrusting into hers leaves her on fire inside. From the ecstasy of his cock to the pain his body is causing her ass. “OH MY GOD JON!” She cried out as she reached her peak yet again.

“OH YES BABY” he moaned as she milked him for more. “Del you’re so tight.” Jon moaned reluctantly pulling out of her to find another position for them to make love in. The absence of each other all day or the teasing they did with the texting, whatever it was has left him yearning for more. Jon quickly lays her back on the couch and crawled up on it as well. He knelt between her legs and gently slid inside of her, wrapping his arms around to hold her ass her legs straddled his hips as he thrusts. He keeps lifting her hips every time he goes in so instead of moving straight inside her he’s thrusting at an upward angel hitting the area of her g-spot. “OH FUCK JON!” She moaned.

“Enjoy it baby, guide me.” Jon moaned as he’s just watching her body, the way her nipples poke towards the sky, the rise and fall of her boobs as he’s moving her body, his eyes follow the clean line of skin down her flat stomach to where their bodies are joined. The angle doesn’t allow him to see the penetration but he can see the liquid her body has been leaking and he moaned and pushes hard because of that.

“OH GOD Jon a little farther left.” Thankfully Jon still has the coherency to understand her and moves just a hair when he thrusts in again and he feels something inside of Danielle he never has. Her entire pussy clamped down on him from the base of his cock to the tip all at once. Jon came like a teenager in heat.

“OH FUCK” He moaned as he collapsed onto his wife. She still hasn’t said anything or let go of him. Almost 3 minutes later he felt her body relax around him and he notices her eyes open.

“Hey beautiful.” Jon smiled and kissed her tenderly.

“I don’t know what that was but OMG I want another.”

Three weeks later, Danielle and Jon had found a few more ways to get to that high emotionally and sexually. Unfortunately they’ve only been able to get there a few times because of the kids. They seemed to be everywhere, all the time.

“Jon did they multiply when I wasn’t looking?” Danielle laughed as Romeo crawled up into her lap on the bus.

“No babe, still only 4 of them that I know of. “ He stops then and thinks back a few weeks.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?”

“Shouldn’t you have been crabby and moody last week?” Jon asked in the nicest possible way without indicating anything to the kids who were in the room. Steph and Jesse were playing monopoly. Jake was crawling all over Jon and Romeo was sitting in Danielle’s arms reading a book.

“Are you sure?” She asked him.

“Well I’m sure you’d know better than I do but by my calculations.” He says mystically rolling Jake unto the couch tickling him.

“I’ll go confirm.” Danielle moved Romeo to the side of her and got up to use the restroom. They had plenty of pregnancy tests since they have been trying so long.

Three minutes later Danielle calls. “Jon can you come here?”

He quickly ran to the back of the bus.

“Baby?” He asked her softly hoping to hell he won’t see her cry when she turned around.

She turned around then with the smile to beat all. Holding the pregnancy test up the little window said it all. “Pregnant”

Jon and Danielle hugged and at that moment knew that they would always put family first since it took them so much to make one.

End ~ Toronto Dreams


Chapter 42

The week passed and slowly the kids opened up a little more to Danielle. Steph pretty much sets the course what she feels is acceptable Jesse will fall in with. The two youngest are the easiest because they pretty much like anyone that will play trucks with them. Steph so far hasn’t decided to like Danielle or not.

“Baby come on we have to do the shot.” Jon tells Danielle after breakfast one morning about a week after the kids joined them.

“Jon seriously?” Danielle sighed.

“Yes seriously, the doctor said to start these today so come on honey, you still want to make a baby don’t you?” The question rose for the first time since she’s had to deal with the kids. Jon wondered suddenly if that’s why Dorothea insisted they take the kids.

“Of course I still want a baby, having your kids here has actually made me want one more. I want our baby honey that you and I can start new traditions with and that I can be called Mommy from.”

“Really? I would have thought they would turn you off from the idea. They haven’t exactly been openly friendly to you.” He said as he walked back to their bedroom holding her hand. He had to administer the medication in her inner thigh so it was best they were alone. Damn he so didn’t want to have to give his wife a shot, why couldn’t they just make a baby like most couples. Truth be told only inside his own head, this sex on a mission thing was getting very old very quick. He wanted to go back to just loving his wife. Too bad she was now even more focused on making a child that it was consuming her. As Dani stood by the bed and undid her pants he moved to the bathroom to get the syringe and the medicine thinking that he’d love it they could stop focusing on so many details and just make a baby out of love. He felt horrible that the experience wasn’t all a thing of love for them. This child wouldn’t be able to have the same story as his other kids.

“Jon what’s wrong I’m about to get a shot and you look like you’re going to cry?” Dani asked her husband.

“Let me give you this and we’ll talk about it ok?” Jon couldn’t back out now; he had to follow through on his promise.

Jon sat down next to her on the bed taking her leg onto his lap and cleaned an area on her inner thigh and as gently as he could he injected her with the medicine.

“FUCK!” She exclaimed.

“I’m sorry baby, we knew it was going to hurt I’m sorry I’m being as gentle as I can.” A tear fell from his eye as he said this.

“Jon it burns, under the skin, it burns.’ Tears fall from Danielle’s eyes as Jon finished the injection and moved the needle to the bedside table before taking her into his arms holding her close to him.
“I’m sorry baby, I never meant to hurt you.”

“Jon it's not your fault honey, it's my stupid body, useless piece of shit can’t even make a baby.” She cried. For the first time since all this started both Jon and Danielle let the tears fall. He told her how disappointed he is that they won’t be able to tell their child that they loved each other so much the baby was born from that love. “Our child will have to be told about the sex on a mission and me hurting you to make your body want to accept my seed so we could make a baby.”

“Jon don’t you think this is the greatest form of love we could show to our child. We love each other so much and want a baby so much we’re willing to go through all of this to make one.” She said softly from her spot cuddled up on his chest.

“That may be true honey but I don’t want to have to tell my next child that I had to give mommy shots so we could make them. It just seems superficial to me. I’m sorry I know I told you we’d do anything to make a baby but knowing I put tears in your eyes just now I don’t ever want to do that again.” Jon admitted to Danielle while gently stroking her back.

“Compromise?” Danielle offered.

“What?” His voice said without emotion as his hand found its way to her hair.

“After this round if I’m not pregnant we stop all medications and say fuck it and adopt.” She couldn’t believe she was saying this, she wasn’t one to give up but seeing her husband cry in frustration and pain was too much, a baby is the goal but getting one at the cost of her and Jon’s well being wasn’t worth it.

“Are you serious Dani? You want to give up after this?” Jon couldn’t believe his ears.

“Jon a baby is supposed to be a happy occasion, the memories of making that baby should be equally as happy. Can you honestly say that every time we’ve had sex you’ve been excited about it and happy to be doing it? As much as I drool over you and as much as I find just looking at you a turn on every now and then I’d like to make love to you and not really care if I cum, just to be with you and connect but we haven’t done that in almost 5 months now. I sometimes don’t feel like we’re making love to connect to one another as much as for your sperm and my egg to connect and that’s just not the way it should be. So yes I’m saying this. If these three shots don’t have magic in them then I’m done listening to the doctors and we can adopt and still have a baby that’s ours.” Danielle said her peace and cried the whole time but as she finished she felt lighter. Maybe she was a wimp, maybe she was weak but it hurt to bad to wish for something that was out of reach but so little but yet so much.

“Baby I’m with you. We can still have a baby and not feel this exhausted by the scenario. I love you Danielle and I want to be a parent with you. Obviously if we can make a baby together that’s my first desire but just like you I want to feel like we’re doing it for the right reasons and we’re loving each other for the right reasons and I’ve felt the same way a few times while we’ve been trying. That’s it's more about the end result than us as a couple. I want to feel like I did the first time I made love to you. Completely in awe that you’re body was mine to love for the rest of our lives. In no uncertain terms I can tell you we can have a baby by Christmas if we adopt. We’ve got the money to make things happen very quickly. We’ll be parents by our anniversary honey one way or another.” Jon moved slowly to kiss her and wanted so bad to love her and himself back to life but before he could get any further with her Jake yelled from the hallway “DADDY”.

“Honey?” He looked at his wife.

“You’re a parent Jon, go play daddy I’m going to lay here for a bit.”

By the third day of the shots Jon and Danielle have come to a understanding that they are comfortable with. Having made the decision that this was the last attempt at having medicine help them make a baby, they both relaxed a bit. Danielle decided one morning to get through to Stephanie one way or another. “Hey Steph?”

“Yes Danielle.” She answered while texting a friend.

“Do you like roller coasters?” Danielle really wanted to get out of the bus and since Jon had interviews all day she needed a co-conspirator.

“I love them why?” Steph actually looked up from her phone. Dad never took her to an amusement park because of his fame so she has only been on them once or twice but she loved them.

“Well I want to get out of the bus and I’m thinking since your dad has to be rock star today you and I could head over to Six Flags and hit some coasters.”

“Did dad ok it?” She asked losing hope.

“No but I don’t need permission to go out.” Danielle didn’t understand why Stephanie suddenly frowned.

“Yeah well talk to me when Dad gives his ok.” She instantly puts her head back down to her phone.

“Get your shoes on we’re leaving in 20 min.” Danielle said walking off to find Jon.

She finds him walking out of room backstage. “Hey sweetie Steph and I are going to be off site all day today but we’ll be back before the show’s over.”

Jon stopped and looked at her. “Where are you two going?” He didn’t know if he liked this.

“Six flags.” She answered not seeing anything wrong.

“NO.” Jon’s eyes bugged out of his head.

“NO – what? You did not just ground me?”

“I didn’t ground you I am however saying no to taking my daughter to an amusement park it's not safe honey, you’ll be mobbed.” Jon explained kissing Danielle softly to make her accept his answer easier.

“Do you plan on coming with us?” She asked.

“No babe you scheduled me a lot of interviews today.” He smiled.

“Exactly so no one will look at us we aren’t recognizable unless you’re with us.”

“Danielle I can’t give my ok on this, Stephanie has been in the public eye to much already.”

“Jon do you trust me?” She asked knowing this would get her clearance to go.

“You know I do and that’s not fair.”

“Jon if you want me to have a chance in hell of ever bonding with your kids you have to let us do this. I’ll keep Kevin on speed-dial so if anything gets the least bit scary I’ll call him immediately. Jon I’m not going to put your daughter at risk.” Thinking that’s all he’s concerned about.

“Honey.” Jon pulled Danielle into his arms, “She’s not the only one I’m worried about. You’ve been seen with me a lot to you’re recognizable too. Baby I love you I can’t risk losing you.”

“Jon please let go of the control for the day. Let me take Steph someplace where she and I can bond. I’ll protect her.” Danielle kisses him and nibbles on his bottom lip.

Jon smacks her ass, “Ok but if anything gets scary you immediately go to a security station and call Kevin.”

“Yes honey.” She kissed him again just as Steph walked up.

“Steph Danielle is completely in charge today you listen to her and if you try to pull the vanishing act with her I swear you’ll be handcuffed to me for the rest of your life.”

“He’s letting us go?” Steph asked shocked.

“Yes I told you we were going, let’s get out of here. By honey. I love you.” Danielle kissed Jon.

“You have your phone?” He asked as she was walking away.

“Yes I love you have a great show.” Danielle smiled and grabbed Steph’s hand and the two of them ran out of the arena into a waiting limo.

~ ~ ~
The entire day Jon is on edge, he called Danielle a few times and she kept smiling and would gently tell him to stop bugging them. One time she was outside of ear shot of Steph and told Jon that if he stopped calling she’d give him head tonight. She hadn’t done that for almost 3 months because of the baby making protocol so he was all about it, “Only if I get to spank you too for being sassy.”

“Alright spanking to but you better find a gag the kids are on the bus.” Jon smiled at her tease told her he loved her and hung up.

About an hour later Danielle texted Jon that she can’t wait to get on her knees for him. An hour after that she texted him that she was going to enjoy sucking on his balls. She kept the tease up until she knew it was show time. This way he’d stay focused on not calling.

That day Danielle and Stephanie finally found common ground, away from her dad and brothers they talked about anything and everything. It was relaxed and fun, Steph realized real quick that Danielle loved her dad completely.

“What about his money?” Steph asked.

“Steph I’m not going to lie to you – it doesn’t suck being rich but you know that. I’m not with your dad for that though sweetie. I love your dad for little things, like when he walks up behind me and wraps his arms around me and kisses my neck just because he can. I love that he will lie down to watch a movie and put his head in my lap without asking he just likes to lay like that. It's the kinds of stuff I’ve missed for so long that he gives me. We just have some extra luxury to go along with it.”

After that conversation they go on Batman the Ride again before heading back to the gate. Danielle called Kevin right as they get off the ride and he’s at the gate when they get there.
Steph thanked Danielle with a hug for taking her out and letting her be just a kid today. She then walked on the bus for the night while Danielle went to catch the last part of the show. She stood in a hidden area off to the side of the stage and watched her man seduce the crowd with ease. She moved to his off ramp as he came down during Richie’s solo and smiled at him. “Hey sexy.” She kissed him quick.

“OH fuck woman you are such a tease I love you.” He kissed her again smacking her on the ass and then turned and ran back on stage.

Danielle decided they should have their little romp backstage in his dressing room because at least there the band would get a good laugh but it wouldn’t wake the kids.

She waited in the spot she was at for him and the band to exit the stage for the final time that night. He instantly walked up to her and kissed her hard wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

“Can I suck you now?” She asked in his ear.

“Are you trying to kill me?” He purred.

“No I’m just really horny.” She laughed not even trying to hide it from the band. “Take a shower honey I’ll be in your dressing room.” She smiled as she walked towards it as he walked to the showers with the band.

“What’s up with her?” Richie asked as he started stripping to get into the shower.

“She was riding roller coasters today.” Jon answered stepping under the next shower to Richie.

“Yeah something tells me she wants to ride you now.”

“I’m hoping so my brother.” Jon smiled. His life right now couldn’t be better. All of his kids on the road, his wife waiting to please him sexually and the show was amazing.


Chapter 41

Chapter 41

“Jon I’m so sorry, I didn’t really mean anything by it I just want a baby.” Danielle explained trying to touch him by putting her hand up on his arm. As much as he wanted to hurt her for what she said he let her touch him, he knew not being able to get pregnant was hitting her very hard. She had wondered for years if she was ‘woman’ enough to make a baby so having it be this hard to do that must be tearing her up inside.

Dr. Wilson walked back in the room, “Jon and Danielle, I found a drug therapy that I think is going to work well. You’re already on Clomid to stimulate ovulation. I’m going to add an injection drug called Repronex. This is a shot you or Jon will have to administer 3 times a month at the peak of your ovulation. This medication prompts your ovaries to produce eggs, normally multiple which will increase your chance of becoming pregnant. I have to warn you the injections aren’t easy they will hurt at the injection site and your moods will be all over the place.”

“I don’t care let’s do it.” Danielle made the decision unilaterally.

“Dr. Wilson can you give us a minute please?” Jon asked the doctor really getting upset with his wife but trying hard not to show it in front of anyone.

“Sure Jon I’ll go get some paperwork together, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

As the doctor walked out of the exam room Jon looked at Danielle. “Look at your left hand please.”

“Jon please.” Danielle sighed exasperated.

“Danielle I’m serious I need you to look at your hand and tell me what you see.” He said from across the exam room.

“Jon we’re in the doctors”

“Danielle now.” Jon all but ordered.

She looked at her hand and smiled at her engagement and wedding rings. Jon quickly stepped up to her standing between her knees still covered in the flimsy sheet from her exam. He took her hand in his and kissed the ring. “Are you planning on making this child alone?”


“Then why don’t you start treating me as part of this. The next time you do something cruel or unilateral as it relates to us you and I are going to have serious problems. I’m already very upset and right now I’m feeling like you lied to me.” Jon explained.

“Lied to you? About what?” Danielle asked. She felt her heart break a little she couldn’t believe Jon was this upset and all she wanted was to be a mom.

“You told me once about what you want from life and that wasn’t a child then. You told me, and I remember this well because it was backstage when I met you in Toronto, I asked you about why Welcome hit you so hard and you told me that you identify with people being different from the masses, but all too often you feel alone in the world you feel like all you want is someone that you can call yours - someone who will put you first in their life. Well damnit woman you have that now fucking respect it. You have the man in your life that puts you first. You never said before you needed a child to be happy you told me you wanted a man you could call yours, I gave you that. Those rings prove it and now you just don’t care about me? I’m not important only this child is?”

“Jon that’s not true, I love you. You matter more than anything”

Jon moved her head up to look him in the eye and asked, “Really?”

“Yes really Jon. I’m sorry ok I want a baby and maybe this isn’t so big to you because you already have 4 of them but I don’t, I want to be a mom now that I know I can be I want it.” Danielle pushed him back and jumped off the exam table and started to get dressed. If she and Jon were going to fight she at least wanted to be fully clothed.

“Dani I told you we will have this baby, I made that commitment to you but the thing is it has to be both of us having the baby or it's not really going to be a child made out of love now is it? Do you want our child’s story to be one of love or desperation?” Jon was getting to the end of his rope with her.

“Love. Jon I love you I really do, I want to take this medication if it’ll help us get pregnant I’m all for it.” Danielle explained again.

“Baby I get that but do you know what she told you about this new drug, were you listening or did you just hear what you wanted?” He called her on it, it was hard for him to say but he knows she only heard the words Dr. Wilson said that made her goal easier.

“Jon you’re right.” She couldn’t even deny it she had heard drug and easier and skipped everything else. “I wasn’t fully listening.”

“Dani this drug is an injection kind which means I’m going to be giving you shots that are going to hurt, the drug itself may cause headaches, crankiness, fatigue are all those things on top of the Clomid side effects, can you handle all of that?” He saw in her eyes that she was dedicated he still didn't quite know to what though, the baby or making one with him and experiencing that joy.

“Yes Jon if it will help us have a baby.” She says fully committed to their child.

“What about the multiple birth possibility are you ok with us possibly having twins?”

“Jon they say that to cover their butts, it's not like it would happen but if it did, I am fine with twins, could you imagine how cute they’d be?” Danielle is lost again on the idea of a child. Jon shrugs as the door opens again knowing that if they did end up having multiples he could hire the staff they needed to help.

After getting the instructions and medicine from the Doctor, Jon and Danielle leave and head to Dorothea’s to pick up the children. It's a bit awkward when they walk in the front door hand in hand, Dot looked at Danielle like she didn’t belong and it took all of everything Danielle had inside her not to verbally fight with Dot. Finally Danielle had to say something though, “Dorothea, I know this is hard for both of us and awkward but I think the only way to make sure the kids grow up in a healthy environment is for you and I to get along. I have no intention of trying to take your place in their lives.”

With that Dot really had nothing to fight with, she couldn’t accuse Danielle of trying to take her place, she couldn’t accuse her of being mean or bitchy she had to accept that Danielle wanted nothing more than to be with Jon and to co-exist with her.

“Ok Danielle I agree with you we really should learn to get along for the kids sake.” Dorothea admits.

Shortly after that Danielle, Jon and all the kids pile into their vehicle and head home to Jersey.
“Dad I love that you’re taking us with you thank you.” Steph tells him.

“So what’s up in New York that you want out so bad?” Jon asked as he looked at her in the rearview mirror.

“It's just so closed. We can’t do anything cos the press is everywhere.” Stephanie explained.

“Yeah dad it sucks we hate it.” Jesse tells him for once agreeing with his sister.

“Steph are you still wanting to work in fashion? If so NY is really where you should be.” Jon asked loving that the kids will talk to him about what they feel, he has a great relationship with all of his kids.

“I’m no so sure. Even when I was interning everyone changed how they treated me as soon as they found out my real last name. Why are people so shallow you made the name famous I didn’t.” She asked again taking a drink of her water.

“Well if you didn’t use Bongiovi what did you use?” Jon didn’t understand how it would have taken anyone time to figure out her name.

“Mom had me use Hurley. Since that’s her last name she says we can use it when we want.” She answered her dad not seeing the vein pop out in his neck. Danielle doesn’t see it either because she’s looking out the window with her iPod on and a earphone on her right ear as she sat quietly waiting to be included in the conversation.

“Right Danielle?” Jon said.

“I’m sorry Jon what was that?” She responded not realizing they were talking to her.

“I said Steph should be proud of her last name.” Jon stated a little annoyed that Danielle wasn’t paying attention to him.

“Absolutely it's who you are Steph no reason to not use it.” She answered Jon with a smile.

Before long they were all getting out of the vehicle at the house and Jon grabbed Dani but the hand and pulled her back to him. “you ok?”

“Yeah honey I’m fine.”

“No you’re not, you were completely quiet on the ride here are you ok?” Jon asked again hoping this time she doesn’t hide her true feelings from him.

“Jon I felt excluded so I just stayed quiet.” Danielle explained to Jon with a slight edge to her voice.

“I’m sorry honey, the kids and I are always motor mouths when we first see each other. We’ll be better about including you I promise. Come on lets go inside before they destroy the house.” Jon kisses her tenderly and grabbed her hand began leading her inside.

As they walk inside Jon calls for the kids and when they walk around various counters and answer ‘what’ to him he smiles and asks, “Hey guys Dani doesn’t know our routine so can we help her out and be a little verbal so she can play along with us.”

“What dad means Danielle is that we play hide and seek when we see each other. Since you’re new YOU’RE IT!” Jesse laughs and all the kids and Jon take off running in opposite directions, Danielle laughs turning around and facing the wall she counts to 50. “Ready or not here I come.”

As Danielle found one kid after another they hugged her because she played with them. None of them however would tell her where Daddy was. Finally 30 minutes after starting the game she found Jon in his tanning bed in the gym wearing only a pair of briefs.

“I leave you alone for a bit and you get self indulgent?” Danielle laughed at Jon as she found him.

“Hey I figured might as well make good use of my time. Did you find all the kids?” He laughed getting out of the tanning bed and looking very sexy.

“That’s not fair you know?”

“What Del?” Jon smiles knowing she wanted to jump him just but the cloudiness in her eyes.

“you enjoy teasing your wife don’t you? You enjoy making me want to push you against the wall and crawl up your body until you can’t handle it yourself and slide inside of me coming home.” Danielle smiled knowing from the change in the blue of his eyes her tease was working on him too.

“Behave woman.” Jon warned his underwear already annoying the hell out of him for becoming too tight too quickly.

“What? Fair is fair right? Didn’t you just leave me alone with all of your kids for 30 minutes don’t you think it's fair I get to make one now?” Danielle teased by rubbing her hand over the evident bulge in the front of his briefs.

“Del baby you know if I had my way I’d take you here and now, but the kids need attention.”

“They have it Jesse is feeding them. Take me Jon I need you.” Danielle kisses and then nibbles on his neck.

“Get on the weight bench on your knees.” Jon quickly drops his underwear and strokes his cock watching her get ready for him. Damn she looks so good when she’s needy for him. As she moves into position Jon quickly locks the door to the gym before taking her for a ride. It's quick and hot, gets the job done and before another 30 minutes are up both of them are dressed and up in the kitchen.

“You found him” Romeo smiles.

“Yes Romeo he hides pretty good why didn’t you tell me that?” Danielle asks him messing his hair.

“It a secret.” He states with a tone to it letting her know she should already know that.

Everyone in the kitchen laughed and continued to enjoy a quiet day off.


Chapter 40

As the week rolled on Jon and Danielle take the time to really question each other on their beliefs. They discover that their views on childbirth differ a bit. Jon believed because of Danielle’s age they should plan on a c-section. Danielle wanted to experience birth as its intended. Because they aren’t pregnant yet Jon recommended they take the advice of the doctors throughout the pregnancy. Should the pregnancy show to be high risk they will plan on the c-section otherwise Jon understood her desire to do things the natural way. Surgery is never someone’s first choice.

They also talk about parenting. Jon advised her that while he does believe in spanking he tries not to spank the kids. His big thing with the kids is warning them and then a penalty in the likes of taking something away, Steph’s computer, Jesse’s ipod etc, if that doesn’t work then he spanks. They also discuss quite heavily what her role would be with his current kids, Jon wants her to be equal to him in regards to how the kids treat her but yet there is a hiccup in that plan since they have a mother and that’s not going to change.

“I’m not going to act like their mother Jon but it's going to get awkward unless you set it up right.”

“Meaning?” He asked wondering what she wants him to set up.

“I think the kids need to know from you what my role is. Do they have 3 parents now or do I just factor in from time to time when you aren’t around?” Danielle asked him.

“Baby you’re their step mother so you’re a parent to them too now but it's a hard because I’ve never had a stepmother either so I’m not sure how to go about this. They like you from when they met you that other time on the road but where do we go from here.” Jon asked still unsure himself as to how best to approach this. He found it difficult to find a defined role for her with the kids. Jon wanted Danielle to feel included because she is, but yet having more parents the kids may get confused.

“Honestly Jon I don’t see this as anything other than difficult. Dot and I don’t get along at all, she seems to detest the very air I breathe, I don’t honestly think there’s a way for me to be a parent to them, they have 2 parents that’s all they need. I’m thinking I’ll be a mother figure, an adult friend but you and Dorothea are the parents.” Danielle stated rather sadly. As much as she wanted to feel included in that bond with him and his kids she doesn’t think there will ever be a spot for her there.

“Baby you’re my family too.” Jon tried again to let her know she is valued.

“I know that Jon but to the kids I’m an intruder. I think it's best that we take this very slowly, I’m your wife but not their mom, they know that and we have to respect that or they are probably going to resent me, according to what I read on the internet anyway, the kids a lot of times will start off that way until they realize I’m not trying to take their mom’s place in their lives, only yours.”

“Oh baby she has no place in my life anymore. Only you.” Jon pulled Dani onto his lap and kissed her so deeply. He could not believe she had taken the time to research this. She continued to amaze him daily at how dedicated to this marriage she really is. He silently swore then and there to do the same. He vowed to put their relationship first because as she’s proven time and again, she deserved it.

At the end of the week at Martha’s Vineyard, Jon and Danielle finally relaxed. When they returned to New Jersey they go back through New York for two reasons, one to pick up the kids and the other to see her fertility Dr. who happened to be practicing in New York that week.

As they get into the Dr.’s office the nurse immediately showed them back due to Jon’s celebrity and not wanting to cause a disturbance in the waiting room. They were only 10 minutes early for their appointment anyway. Dr Wilson comes in and does a brief exam. She can tell by Danielle’s demeanor that things haven’t gone well.

“Danielle talk to me. I need to know what’s going on to help you through it.” Dr Wilson unknowingly opens a can of worms.

“I’ve had sex with Jon every day for 4 months why aren’t I pregnant yet this is getting obnoxious.” Danielle spouted off.

“I don’t think it's obnoxious, I’m having fun.” Jon smiled at Danielle.

“Jon not now.” Danielle states coldly.

“Dr Wilson it really shouldn’t be this hard to get pregnant. Seriously women have been doing it since the beginning of time, what can we do to get me pregnant?”

“Baby that’s what I’m for.” Jon says.

“Well that’s not working Jon we need something else.” Danielle again stated rather coldly not even realizing what that sounded like to Jon.

“Dr Wilson, can you see if there’s another drug therapy we can be put on to increase our chances?” Jon says very businesslike but with an air of dismissal in his voice.

“Absolutely I’ll be right back.”

As soon as the Dr leaves the room Jon looks at Danielle and sets her straight. “In no way is what you just said acceptable. We are in this together, it's not me or you that isn’t cutting it, it's not a blame game woman, we are a couple and we are trying to have a child and you will not ever disrespect me ever again in front of someone if you want to continue to have a happy marriage. Do I make myself clear?” Jon was disgusted at what she just said hopefully this will make it so she thinks before talking next time.

“Jon I didn’t mean” Danielle begins.

“I know you didn’t mean it but it came out anyway and you have to remember I’m your partner in all this not a sperm donor.”


Chapter 39

“She said they were hating New York and it was becoming increasingly hostile at the house, she asked me to take them with me on the road for the leg. I told her we would discuss it.” Jon explained as he continued walking with her.

“Did you get in trouble with her for not immediately saying yes?”

“Yes I did but I reminded her that I don't make these decisions on my own, I'm married and I have a wife to consider. Dot wasn't happy but she'll get over it.” Jon smiled as soon as he said it. Damn when he's good he's good and he knew that one earned him brownie points.

"Seriously she thought you should just take the kids without talking to me?" Danielle is shocked but she's not at how Dot treated their marriage. From what she understood about Dorothea, she felt that Jon would always be hers deep down. Dorothea, according to Jon didn't want to let go.

"She thought that since the kids are hers and mine that we were the only ones that had to deal with it. I had to explain to her in no uncertain terms that you and I are a package deal and we would talk about the kids visiting."

Danielle smiled at Jon. She knew that he wanted to see his kids, she knew that he yearned for the dad stuff he hasn't had in a while. She also knew that sooner or later she had to get to know them.

"Jon bring them out."

"Are you sure baby, what about us getting pregnant? The kids are going to make it a little more difficult. Alone time will be at a premium. When I make love to you on the bus we'll have to gag you so you won't scream." He laughed, he couldn't believe that she wants the kids out on the road, damn he loved this woman, she so willingly accepts his children from a previous relationship even though it’s got to tare her up inside because she so desperately wants one of her own.

“I think we'll survive Jon. They are part of you therefore they are part of us. I want to know them and I want them to feel comfortable in our home and with us as much as they feel in NY with their mom.” Danielle wasn't lying when she said this. She thought the idea of seeing Jon in full Dad mode might help her release some tension about the idea of becoming parents together. Jon smiled completely at ease with the idea that the kids coming on the road but smiling more because his wife wanted it as much as he does.

“I love you woman, you need to know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. I love that you want my kids with us on the road, thank you.” Jon ran his hand into her hair and gently pulled her to him for a tender kiss. Letting go of her they arrived back at their house and sat down out by fire pit which Jon quickly got going. He turned after the fire roared to life and took her in his arms again, having her sit in front of him between his legs so they could cuddle and talk.

“Jon, I know how much you miss them, I can see it in your eyes when you talk about them. Tell me more, tell me about each of them so I can start to feel what you do.”

“Baby I could tell you everything, I was there when they were born.”

”Really? All of them?” Danielle asked him.

“Yes baby, see I wanted my kids, we -Dot and I - made them completely on purpose.” Jon started explaining. “See I've always thought that kids should have the luxury of knowing that their parents brought them into this world on purpose. There's nothing wrong with people in love to have a 'oops we're pregnant' talk when they love the kid and it’s a family. I personally though love to be able to tell each of my kids the story of when they were conceived, what was going on at the time.”

“So tell me about Stephanie.” Danielle confused by his disclosure allowed her mind to open up to his view of things in hopes that she would understand better.

“Steph was our first; we had been together since 1979, so at that point 13yrs into our relationship we decided to start a family. We talked about it, and decided at that point, we were financially set; we could afford as many kids as we wanted and it was time. We knew that we were going to be together forever or so we thought. We knew we wanted more from life than just each other so we decided to make a child. Each one of them we talked about do we want another, are we ready to bring another life into the mix. I love knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that when my kids ask me, was I an accident I can whole heartedly tell them no, you were 100% planned. Our children will have the same luxury too, of knowing we intentionally made love to bring them into the world, there were no oops about their being here.” Jon explained running his hands up and down her arms as he looked out at the ocean calming from his core being with her here in this safe haven of love.

“Was it easy to make them all?”

“NO actually, baby Jake was a pain to make. I remember because we were already running around with Steph and Jesse and I was just going into negotiations to buy the Soul just really starting to get into philanthropy. We just loved being parents though. After 22 yrs of being together we finally found something that both of us really really enjoyed at the same time. For once we were truly on the same page. Being a parent is amazing. I don’t want you to get upset when I say this baby but when the Dr puts that baby in your arms you get it.” Jon’s eyes are full of love and memories at this point. Danielle looked up over her shoulder at him to see his face happier than she’s seen him in months. The discussion of his kids has a way of bringing a smile to his eyes by way of his heart.

“Is it different every time?” Danielle asked wondering if she’d ever get to experience what he’s talking about. She slowly moved her hand over her womb silently begging for the chance. Jon’s hand covered hers instinctively. “Baby it's different every time. When he handed me my daughter I had this feeling of ‘oh my god I’m responsible for a little girl.’ This is unique to the boys in the regard that I remember thinking how I’d have to protect her from the likes of men like me. When he handed me the boys it was all about what I’d teach them, what I would show them, the men I’d teach them to become.” Jon reached down and kissed Danielle on the cheek.

“Have any of your kids asked you about where they came from?”

“OH yes, Jesse actually asked me one day if he was a mistake because I guess I was ignoring him in lieu of Steph or Jake I can’t remember but it was great to be able to turn around and look at him dead in the eye and tell him, ‘NO Jesse you were not a mistake you were 100% planned.’ I think every kid should be able to know his/her parents wanted him completely.” Jon pulled Dani tighter to him and they both relaxed into the embrace. Jon wanted to take things further after his admissions of love and devotion but he knew she wouldn’t be welcome to his advances until next week.


Chapter 38

The following morning when Jon woke up he apprehensively ran his hand down her back over her ass. His touch was lighter and slower than normal. He smiled though, she gave him a part of herself she didn’t even realize she gave.

“What has you so smiley Mr.?” Danielle saw his smile from the corner of her eye and quickly wondered why he was so shy this morning in his touching.


“Oh really? Why do you say that?” Danielle turned up onto her side and looked at him.

“You gave me more last night than your bare ass. Thank you.”

“Then please don’t act like you’re ashamed of it. I don’t understand everything that happened but can we talk about it not in bed, I’d like to have this conversation but I need coffee.” Dani smiled at him reaching up to kiss him softly before getting out of bed.

Jon grabbed her hand before she was clear of the bed, looking at her naked body briefly he asks,
“Are we ok?”

Danielle quickly bounced on top of him and smiled as she kissed him. “More than ok lover now stop worrying.”

“Alright then make me coffee woman.” He laughed moving to smack her ass and she grabbed his hand before he could connect. “You make it I’m taking a shower.” With that she got up and walked into the bathroom letting him see the still pink area on her ass that he had tanned last night. “Damn that’s hot.” He smiled as he got up and moved to the kitchen. She had him on a string, it was not often in his life that people spoke to him the way she does. The slightest apprehension from him this morning was called out. She was right of course, if he ever wanted her to participate with things a little outside of the norm he had to be confident in them and that they were not in some way wrong. As he waited for his wife he pulled up his email on his blackberry checking quickly if his schedule was still clear.

“Yes you’re schedule is clear, I write it.” She told him as she came around the corner.

“Hey do you have eyes in the wall or something?” Jon couldn’t figure out how she knew what he was doing.

‘No I just know you, my little control freak.” She then leaned against his body and kissed him deeply before moving to get her own coffee.

“So did that bother you last night? Dani I want us to be 1000% honest with each other right now I need to know if I went too far.” Jon bluntly gets the conversation going. He then looked down at his coffee cup. Oh how he wished he could read her mind right now.

“Jon what do you get from spanking me? Why do you enjoy it?” She asked without answering him.

“You, your trust. It is about you giving up control to me and knowing I won’t hurt you.” Jon explained his enjoyment to her and looked at her for an understanding of where the conversation was headed.

“Then do you have any idea how insulting it is to me when you say that you enjoyed my trust in you and then turn around in the next breath and tell me you don’t trust that I enjoyed it like I said I did.” Danielle smiled at him, “Jon I liked it, I don’t quite know why but I did.”

“Can you elaborate for me?” Jon exhaled and moved a few feet and took a seat at the breakfast nook across from her.

“I don’t know it felt like, well like that’s where I was supposed to be. Like, I can’t quite describe but it felt relaxing almost.” Danielle explained to him. This conversation was easier somehow in the light of day outside of their bedroom.

“Did it feel like you deserved it almost? Like every women needs a strong hand now and again and I was the right person to give that to you.” Jon offered to her, not knowing if he’s on target or not but knowing his wife as well as he thinks he does, this will give her information to use to figure out what she’s trying to say.

“Well I wanted to give you what you wanted. I know you like it so we started to play I just let go and let myself be there in that moment. That had to be what it was Jon I honestly was just there, my purpose was to bare my ass and be spanked. Very freeing.” She admitted looking up into his crystal blue eyes. “I’ve never wanted to be submissive as far as I know but it felt amazing to only have one thing on my mind right then.”

“You know what got me about it baby?” Jon asked knowing she had no idea.

“No tell me why you like spanking so much.”

“Seeing you trusting me fully and letting me take charge and you participated so willingly. I love that you gave up that independent streak for just last night and let me be in control.” Jon reached out and ran his fingers down the side of her face. Damn this woman did something to him. She had come so far from that spitfire he met in Toronto to now and he couldn’t wait to see how she would change and develop within the safety of a loving marriage.

“Yes, I knew you wouldn’t hurt me so I just let it happen.” Dani took more from her coffee cup.

“Did I push to hard, is your ass too sore?” Jon never wanted to hurt the fragile trust that was building in him, this part of play may take a while to develop or may end today depending on that she said. The thing he knew of course, was that Danielle would always stand out in his mind for taking the risk even when she didn’t understand the emotional release spanking gave them both.

Dani looked to Jon and tilted her head sideways, “So basically you want missionary position only for the rest of our lives.” She stated this as a fact instead of a question to get his honest answer.

“NO WAY what the-where did that come from?” Jon almost screams.

“Obviously it comes from you.” Dani said seriously. She was already in a bad mood because she could tell within about 2 hours she’d have proof positive that her and Jon didn’t succeed in making a baby. Her body always felt the same before her cycle started. “If you don’t stop freaking out about the fact that you spanked me last night then we are never going to do anything
besides missionary position anymore.”

“That’s not fair you don’t get to make the rules on our sex life we’re in this together.” Jon almost pouted.

“Really Jon? We’re a couple? We make choices about things together? Really?” Dani pushes at him sarcastically and then she sees the light bulb go off in his eyes.

“We didn’t do spanking simply because I wanted it we made that decision together.” He realized finally what Danielle had been saying all morning.

“Exactly so will you stop thinking you did something I didn’t want.” She asked him softly.

“Yes baby I’m so sorry for doubting you.” Jon took Dani into his arms and pulled her close.

Kissing her and kissing her neck before moving them back to the bedroom, “hold on.” She said before moving the bathroom, when she returned Jon looked at her and saw the tears threatening to spill. He stood up and took her into his arms, “you started huh?”

“Yes.” She cried into his chest. “Jon we need to go to the Dr again. It shouldn’t be this hard to get pregnant.”

“Baby let’s get out of here the Vineyard is waiting. Want to see our house in the Vineyard?” Jon asked knowing she would accept strictly cos he wanted to do it and he was offering her something special, one on one time with him.
“Ok Jon let’s do it.”

Before he knew it they were pulling into the Vineyard house and he looked over to Danielle, the drive hadn't really helped, they both knew she wasn't pregnant and Danielle wanted to cry in fact, she needed to cry. As they walked into the house Jon took her into his arms tightly.
“Baby it's ok to be upset, let it out I’m not going anywhere.” Jon reassured her before he felt the tension in her back break; it didn’t take long before he felt the wetness on his shirt from her tears of exhaustion. Jon realized quietly exactly how tired she must be. Mostly emotional exhaustion too, he knew all too well what that could do to a person. He had to acknowledge the changes she’s been through in the past 4 months. First with meeting him and moving across the country, becoming an instant wife, becoming a whole lot less private because of his fame. That alone would make most women stressed. Nope his wife took it in stride, she even fought the ghosts the NJ house offered, and she toured with them which had to be a nightmare for a non-veteran of the road. She had become their manager, had to face his disapproving mother, disapproving ex wife, damn when he thought of everything she has been though in the last 4 months it's no wonder she wasn’t pregnant. Jon picked her up and gently kissed her tears away, “Come on baby, let me love you back to life.”

“Jon I’ve got my” Danielle started to reject him.

Jon put his finger up against her lips. “Baby I’m not talking about sex; I just want to love you.” He quickly kissed her and then carried her up the stairs and into their room. Once he laid her on the bed he went and got their heating pad, plugged it in. He rolled her over onto it and curled up behind her. “Relax baby I’m here, I’m never leaving you.”

“Promise?” Danielle asks.

"Baby I promised you a lifetime and I don't go back on promises. Take what you need right now angel. I just realized how much has changed in your life over the past four months. Honey when things settle down and you get used to being part of the insanity that surrounds me I bet you'll be pregnant in no time. Everything from moving to dealing with my ex wife, it’s been constant for you and I love you for taking it so well. Is there anything I can do to make things easier for you?" Jon asked. It amazed him now that he thought about it just how well she’s handled how much stress she’s been under.

"Make your mother and you’re ex wife and your kids all love me." Danielle said off the cuff but Jon knew those things hurt her.

"Baby the kids are already on your side, they don't quite love you yet but they like you a lot. Dot is just being a possessive she'll get over it and my mother, she and I are going to have a few words when I feel like talking to her again. None of them are us though baby. What can I do?"

"Just keep me in the loop on things, with the band or whatever, I like to be included, it doesn't
make me feel like our marriage is in my imagination."

"Baby if we were in your imagination your life would be perfect and we'd be pregnant and you wouldn't be lying on a heating pad to take the cramps away. I'll try to remember to include you even more." Maybe when your cramps go away we can take a walk on the beach, I'd love to show you our escape house." Jon laughed as he kissed her shoulder blade.

Two hours later Jon and Danielle are walking down the beach near their house, Jon in worn blue jeans and a white long sleeve thermal shirt and Danielle in pretty much the same attire but with a blanket thrown over her shoulders. When she had started to walk out the door Jon grabbed a throw blanket off the couch and wrapped it around her shoulders telling her they might need it if he couldn't resist the urge to kiss her senseless.


"Yeah baby."

"what did Dorothea want?' Danielle had been in the other room when he took the call but she could tell by the conversation it was her.

'She wants us to take the kids on the road with us for the next leg of the tour." Jon explained while taking her hand in his.

Danielle stopped dead, "She what?"


Chapter 37

** reader beware slight s&m included **

Jon walked upstairs with something in his hand just for his wife. When he arrived in their room he was shocked not to find her. He quickly dropped the item he was carrying on the bed and walked into the bathroom to see if she was there. Sure enough she was in the tub with her iPod on. Jon reached down and moved the iPod from her left ear and whispered, “Make sure you lotion your whole body before returning to me, you have a spanking due my love. Wear lingerie.” He then placed the ear bud in her ear and walked back into their room.

He quickly picked up the item from the bed and walked across the hall to another room. He didn’t like the way that was decorated for this purpose then he finally walked into what he felt was the perfect room to spank his wife in. He laughed knowing to anyone who could be in his head right now that sounded horrible, but he loved spankings, he loved giving and receiving them. There’s something about the sting on your ass to make whatever was troubling you fade away and to know that your wife or lover was willing to help take that stress away, that she loves you enough to get you refocused on the good things in life, her and your dedication to her. Jon could only hope that Danielle saw things his way. He had never truly been able to share this aspect of himself with someone. When Dot spanked him it was always one or two slaps then she was done. He was allowed one before she would grab him and flip him onto his ass. He begged internally that Danielle wanted all of him, the way she said, this was part of what he had become. He was happy right now they had a lot of rooms in this house, if this wasn’t something she enjoyed at least it wouldn’t be associated with their bedroom.

“Jon.” Dani said from the doorway in a divine iced pink Carmeuse and lace baby doll, with matching g-string.

“You look amazing baby. Don’t think looking so beautiful is going to get you out of your spanking though. Come here.” Jon was sitting on the chaise lounge it was comfortable enough to lay down on.

Danielle looked at him and walked to him tentatively.

“Do you know what you’re going to be punished for?” He needed her to know he wasn’t ever going to spank her for no reason; he’d tap her on the ass when she looked hot just because she looked hot, but a serious spanking always had a reason.

“I told people off that are important to you?”

“No Dani you are not in trouble for that at all, in fact I found that very sexy and later I’m going to reward you for it. Dot is under control, she knows that this is our home and she can’t just walk in here ever again. What is this spanking for?” He asks again internally smiling as she stood before him shifting her weight from foot to foot, her skin still aglow from the warm water she had been bathing in.

“I don’t know Jon.” She says weakly. Jon stood up and took her in his arms, “Am I scaring you with my tone?” He had to make sure she was ok with this.

“No you’re turning me on, the anticipation is killing me.” Dani smiled.

“If it's ever too much, if I go too far or you just want to quit just say popsicle.” Jon smiled and kissed her deeply and then went back to his roll.

“This is the only time I will tell you Danielle, from now on you pay attention to when I tell you you’ve earned a spanking, do you understand me?”

“Yes Jon.”

“This spanking is because you asked me if I had a house anywhere else, do you remember doing that.” Jon asked turning her around in his arms so her back was to him while waiting for her answer he ran his hand down her back and over her ass.

“Yes Jon I remember.”

“And what is wrong with that?” Jon needed her to know the cause, that’s half the fun of spankings, correcting a behavior that bothers your partner.

“Everything is ours not just yours or mine.”

“Very good baby and we’re going to remind you of that now so you can’t ever forget it.” He rubbed his hand over her ass again and she shivered. “You have a few choices, I’m not a dictator here babe, you can choose to keep your g-string on or bare your ass to me, and you can choose to be blindfolded or not up to you.”

“Jon” Dani said not knowing what to think of him but already feeling her body react.

“Which is it Danielle?”

“I’ll keep my panties on but can I have the blindfold?”

“Sure baby. Here you go.” He reached the footrest and handed her the blindfold, after she put it on he reached in and kissed her tenderly. “Hopefully after this you’ll never forget that we share everything.” He moved her around so that her arms were resting on the back of the chaise lounge, Jon let her stand there and anticipate this for a moment, looking at her he had to push down his cock which was already starting to cause a problem in his jeans. She looked so good anticipating this spanking, he loved her even more for playing with him like this. Jon suddenly brought his hand down on her backside.

“OUCH!” Danielle quickly exclaimed.

Jon’s hand came down and soothed the spot he slapped, “No Danielle, take it like a good wife, I know you like it.” He said that and quickly let his hand slide between her thighs and he was rewarded with a wetness he had never felt from her this early in response to him. His hand quickly moved and came down on her ass again. She held in her yelp, as a third and fourth time he slapped her ass. Alternating sides so that both ass cheeks hurt. Just when she thought she could contain everything he slapped her ass again and tears leaked from her eyes.

“Am I hurting you Danielle?” Jon noticed the tears and didn’t want to hurt her, “do you want to talk about Popsicles?”

“No Jon continue, please”

He broke through, he must have, finally she’s letting go of the stress of the day. He spanked her for another 10 minutes before running his hand between her legs again and almost dying at how good it feels.

“You’ve been a very good girl Danielle, would you like you’re reward?”

“Yes Jon.” She softly whispered. Jon dropped his jeans, his cock eager and jetting from his body, he pulled her g-string down and off and pushed her up on her tiptoes to make her completely go over the armrest, leaving her ass high in the air and her head on the cushion.
“Such a good girl, you took your punishment so well. Open your legs for me Dani.”

She did, not knowing where he was at this point, he hadn’t told her she could take the blindfold off and he wasn’t touching her so she couldn’t grasp what he was up to.

When she opened her legs Jon saw his wife dripping with her need for him, he moved to his knees and moved his face between her legs, licking her clit and pussy until he could barely stand it. His dick was begging to sink inside her, the redness of her ass made him even more eager to reward her.

“Baby you can say anything you want now, your punishment is over.” He removed her blindfold as well.

“Can’t talk, feels to damn good.” Danielle admitted his tongue is heaven to her.

Jon slid a few fingers in her as he stood up and lined his cock up with her perfect home for him inside of her.

As he slid home they both exploded in orgasm, “OH DANIELLE!” Jon can’t believe how great she feels, how amazing he feels to have been able to be this way with her today.

Jon pushed deeper and deeper, Danielle’s moans are music to his ears. The angle he’s going in at makes her shift around a bit.

“Baby stand up.” Jon pulls out knowing there’s a way to get her g-spot on every thrust.
As she stood up he kissed her while turning her around.

“OK I’m going to lay you back over the armrest here, I want you to just relax over it let your back stretch.” He then placed her already sore ass against the back of this couch her body arching over and her head back on the seat however in this instance Jon had her facing up so as he pushed his cock inside she came because he hit her g-spot.

“FUCK JON!” She moaned.

“OH yeah baby enjoy.” He moaned as he kept pumping into his beautiful wife over and over causing her body to cum over and over, one bundle of nerves exploding over and over.
Finally they both reached the end of their stamina collapsing on top of her would have hurt her because of the position so he picked her up on wobbly legs and turned and carried her the 4 steps to the bed collapsing with her while still inside her while pulling a blanket over them.